Three day trips from San Sebastian

Already tasted pintxos, enjoyed the beach and walking around the ensanche area. What can I do next around San Sebastian?
There are several options for a day trip from San Sebastian. You can check the best three day tour options from Bilbao as some of them can apply to you. But in this email I will center in shorter distance options from the pearl of the Spanish Atlantic Coast. Here you have an ABC with three of the best day tours starting in San Sebastian:

French Basque Country Private Day Tour
St Jean-de-Luz port and town
A French Basque Country coast tour Take your passport and lets go to one of the trendiest parts of France to explore the towns of St Jean-de-Luz, Biarritz or Socoa. The charming corner for many famous artists, politicians, etc. And why not, have the chance to try French delicacies: chocolate, crêpes or foie... in the middle of a charming and elegant atmosphere.  

B Getaria fishermen village and wild Gipuzkoa coast Going exactly opposite to our previous day tour option, but as close as this, we can find a gorgeous coast-side road, and in the middle of it, the fishermen town of Getaria. A working port which was selected as one of the 46 places in the world to be seen by New York Times Travel Section in 2013. See fishermen going into the port or the charge of the nets and the reparation of it by local women. Do you like fashion? You have a wonderful option in Balenciaga Museum.
St Ignatius Loiola San Sebastian private day  tour
St Ignatius Loiola Basilica

C St Ignatius Loiola birth place & Sanctuary After the election of the Pope Francis it has been more and more popular this valley in the center of Gipuzkoa where you can see the old medieval house where St. Ignatius Loiola was born (dated back to 13th Century) and the sanctuary that surrounds it. It can be a true inspiring day experience. 

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