Executive Leisure in Basque Country

Either if you are based in BilbaoSan Sebastian, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Logroño or Pamplona, we will make sure that you and the people you travel with have every opportunity to make the most of your free time.

Business Presentation I made in Kuwait City
Comming on Business?  
  • Relax after your hard work time with a real Basque Host. 
  • Discover the city yourself with our tailor-made agenda.

  • Surprise your client or supplier by carrying him to a local popular place after our recommendation.

A concert in the city you are working can be a nice way to relax
  • Find easily the highlights of this city that you could not seen during your work.
  • Taste a real good dinner in one of the best restaurants in town or have pintxos and drink in one of the trendiest bars or pubs in the city. 
  • Come up with our agenda the events that you can see tonight.
  • Discover visits interesting for your business or industry. 
  • Prepare a truly enjoyable plan for your partner so that (s)he can enjoy her/his stay whilst you are working.

I am willing to help you, contact me by his form or email me at:

All tailored to your desires and interests at all times. Do you have any specific request, your private tour guide Aitor Delgado will be happy to help you. 

Do you need more ideas for your tour? You can email me tours@aitordelgado.com or go around my website and blog for inspiration. 

And always remember that you can also contact us through our new website launched in December 2019.