Mondays in Museums III - Balenciaga Museum

Museums in a region like the Basque Country in constant evolution and development of the Tourists sector are an increasing value. One of the last museums to enter in the Basque network is Cristobal Balenciaga Museum, in Getaria, Gipuzkoa.

This museum is devoted to show and interpretate the life and work of the fashion designer born in this small village of Gipuzkoa but who has given fashion fresh air.

The museum hosts more than 1200 pieces of his work in a nice selection who covers the different stages of his career.

A nice off-the-beaten-track stop in a nice town, full of history and with nice scenery (Getaria also saw the birth of the first man who circumnavigated the world Juan Sebastian Elcano).

You can find more information on regard this museum in their website:
Cristobal Balenciaga Museum As usual is closed on Mondays...

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