Getaria & Burgos. 2 of the best 46 Places in the world by New York Times!

This year the list made by New York Times travel section selected 46 places in the world worthy to see during 2013.
This list, which starts with Rio de Janeiro and ends with Paris have two places that you can make it easily in your trip to the Basque Country. As the article is very broad, I am extracting here the areas where they spoke about places to see nearby:

No. 25 Burgos

Burgos Gothic Cathedral

Yes, I know that Burgos is not in the Basque Country, but in Castile-León, but still it is only 1 hour drive from Vitoria and Bilbao and it is a place that I really like as I have ancestors from the area. 
Paola Singer speaks about the Gothic cathedral (Unesco World Heritage site), but also the Museum of Human Evolution and the boutique hotels and restaurants that have grown in the city. And also mentions that Burgos has been awarder in 2013 the Gastronomic Capital of Spain. Many reasons to go there!

No. 41 Getaria.
The Mouse of Getaria from Zarautz beach

Sarah Wildman speaks about the beauty of this town in the middle of a nice waterfront highway. And his most famous neighbors: Juan Sebastian Elcano, who was the first to circumnavigate the world (as Magellan was killed on the way), and a local boy who went out and became one of the top influencer in fashion. Cristobal Balenciaga, which now has a museum with some of his master pieces in the town.

Getaria picturesque coastal town main street view

In this article by The New York Times travel section there are more references to the Basque Country, as when they speak about No. 26 Lens, when they write: ...Is the next Bilbao of Northern France...

We know that there is only one Bilbao though! 

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