Vitoria a hidden gem for UK's The Telegraph Newspaper

I want to make here a line on the report written by Tim Pozzi about Vitoria-Gasteiz, the capital of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. 

Often overshadowed by the nearby towns of Bilbao and San Sebastian it has a lot to offer and some of the best places are told in the report such as the Contemporary Art Museum Artium, the Fine Arts Museum, the Playing Cards Museum and the old Santa Maria cathedral.

But what I loved most is its description of the city atmosphere:
"Vitoria has an impressive history of carefully planned expansion from its medieval, almond-shaped core: recycling and renewable energy schemes are all very well, but what impressed me were its magnificent public spaces.  (...)
From early evening until midnight, the atmosphere around the central plazas and their bar-crammed side streets is as convivial as any I've encountered. (...)
Yet here it is played out on such a large scale, with such a loud reverberation of conversation through the traffic-free centre – especially Saturday lunchtime and evening – that it feels not unlike being at an excellent party." 
So happy that you enjoyed it Tim Pozzi! @TimPozzi

You can see the full article here:
Travel Guide of Vitoria by The Telegraph

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