Austrian connections with the Basque Country. Lekeitio & last Austrian empress: Zita.

Did you know that...
Last empress of Austria, Zita of Bourbon-Parma passed first 6 years after the death of the Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary and Croatia Charles, in the Basque Country.

In April 1922 Charles I of Austria and IV of Hungary died in exile. After this, Empress Zita moved to a small coastal town of the Basque Country, called Lekeitio.

He passed in this small and charming village 6 years of her life, taking care of his children and enjoying the beach, the sea and the gorgeous palace of Uribarren, where she was a host.

Nowadays, the palace of Uribarren has been converted into a hotel with a nice spa, with nice views over the beach of this village. Palace Uribarren. The exile of an empress

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