What to do in the Basque Country - Arts Agenda September 2016

 Regarding traditions and festivities:
  • In Zarautz. Basque parties. Popular food, music in the streets, trikitixa contest, dance performances or recitals of improvisers. From September 1rd to 9th. Residents and visitors who come to Zarautz take to the streets dressed in traditional Basque costumes on September 9th.
  • In Lekeitio. "Antzar Eguna" or goose day, a 300 years old tradition to be seen in the local festivities of St Antoline. On September 5th.
  • In Ordizia. "Euskal Jaiak" (Basque parties). Concerts, Basque rural sports, cooking workshops and cooking contests. On September, 7th.
  • In Hondarribia, 10 miles from San Sebastian and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, just in the border between France & Spain. Guadalupe Virgin Day. With a traditional parade "Alarde" upto the sanctuary of Guadalupe. On September, 8th.
  • In San Sebastian. Mycology and Gastronomy Days. From September 8th to 25th.
  • In Alegria - Dulantzi, in Alava. Feast of Our Lady of Aiala. From September 9th to 18th.
  • In Lekeitio. "Artzain Eguna" or Shepherd day.Contests sheep, cheese, sheepdogs, ... On September 18th.
  • In Samaniego, festival of the Rioja Alavesa wine harvest. On September 18th.
  • In Haro, the "Train Station Wine Experience". Open doors in all major wineries of Haro and events in this historical location. On September 16th & 17th.
  • In Logrono, the capital of La Rioja region, the festivities of the city include bull fighting, popular lamb chops made with vine wood, and wine stomping of the first grapes of each Rioja wine production village. From September 17th to 24th.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. Medieval Market inside the old city center of the city (for many the best preserved old city center in the Basque Country). From September 23th to 25th.
  • In Astigarraga. “Sagar Uzta” (cider and apple party). On September 25th.

Regarding arts and exhibits:
  • In Bilbao, Exhibit “Louise Bourgeois. Structures of Existence: Cells". Guggenheim Bilbao Museum. Until September 4th.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz, FesTVal 2016. Biggest event of Spanish Television in Spain. From September 5th to 10th.
  • In Tolosa, Gipuzkoa, a water puppets exhibit in The Puppet Museum.
  • In Vitoria, 28th Festival of Magic. "Magialdia 2016" From September, 12th to 18th.
  • In Getaria, "Balenciaga Master of the Lace" exhibit until September 18th.
  • In the French Basque Country, European Days of Heritage. On September 17th & 18th.
  • In San Sebastian, International Film Festival "Zinemaldia" From September 16th to 24th.
  • In San Sebastian, Fiesta Sebastiane (LGTB party) in International Film Festival "Zinemaldia" On September 23th.
  • In Bilbao, Exhibit “Francis Bacon. De Picasso a Velázquez". Guggenheim Bilbao Museum. Until January 2017.
  • In Bilbao. The Jayhawks. Kafe Antzokia. On September 24th.
  • In Bilbao. Hyperrealist sculpture 1973-2016. Bilbao Fine Arts Museum. Until  September 29th.
  • In Bilbao, "El alcalde de Zalamea en Bilbao". Arriaga Theatre. From September 29th.
  • In Bilbao, Exhibit “Andy Warhol. Shadows". Guggenheim Bilbao Museum. Until October 2nd.
  • In Biarritz, Latinamerican cinema & Culture Festival of Biarritz. From September 26th until October 2nd.
  • In Bilbao, "La Risa de Bilbao” Festival. Sala BBK, Alhóndiga Bilbao, Mercado de la Ribera, Campos Elíseos Theatre. From September 29th until October 9th.
  • In Bilbao. “Windows on the City: the School of Paris, 1900-1945”. Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. Until October 23th.
  • In San Sebastian, cod fish Basque fishermen history exhibit, in the Navy Museum, until November, 29th
Regarding music:
  • In Getxo, in Greater Bilbao area, Folk Music Festival "Getxo Folk BBK 2016". From September 1st to 4th.
  • In San Sebastian. Donostia Kutxa Kultur Festibala 2016. Igeldo Amusement Park. Big party around independent music. From September 1st to 2nd.
  • In Vitoria. “Gasteiz calling 2016”. Iradier Arena. Punk and hardcore festival. On September 3rd.
  • In Bilbao. “Red Bull Flying Bach”. This show brings together the music of composer Johann Sebastian Bach and the best dancers break dance world. Euskalduna Palace. From September 17th to 18th.
  • In Errenteria. Atlantikaldia. Festival of encounter between cultures and music. From September 22th to 25th.
  • In Sopelana. Sopela Kosta Fest. Festival meeting between surfing, nature and music. From September 22th to 25th.

Regarding sport:
  • In San Sebastian - Donostia, the biggest rowing event of the year in the North of Spain (dating back to 1879), the flag of La Concha will be hold by the winner of this event. On September 4th and 11th.
  • In Andoain. Marathon Plazaola Greenways. From September 8th to 13th.
  • In Biarritz, Jai Alai & Grand Chistera competition (Open of Biarritz). During all September. 
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Enjoy the Basque Country!