Basque Language Words to Enjoy Like a Local in the Basque Country

Basque Language can be hard for some, but here I am coming with some basic words that will make you look like a local:

These are some basic words that I recommend hope that you can practice them in your trip to the Basque Country

Basque (write) Basque (pronuntiation) Spanish English
Egun on! Egoonon! ¡Buenos días! Good morning!
Arratsalde on! Arrachaldeon! ¡Buenas tardes! Good afternoon! / Good evening!
Kaixo! Kaeesho! ¡Hola! Hi!
Agur! Agoor! ¡Adios! Bye!
Ongi Etorri! Onguee Etorree! ¡Bienvenido! Welcome!
Eskerrik asko! Eskerreekasko! ¡Gracias! Thank you!
Ez horregatik! Es horregateek! ¡De nada! Not at all!
Bai Bye Si Yes
Ez Es No No
On egin! On egeen! ¡Que aproveche! Enjoy your meal!

You can check about food related vocabulary in Spanish coming soon here.
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