Luxury Tasting Food trip review of an American President in the Basque Country & Spain in the 1700's

I was surprised to see when reading US President travel diary to see so many details about local food. He was looking for luxury places to stay and he could not find them 300 years ago, but he really found luxury food experiences as he notes in his official diary. It seems that food tours would have been something successful on that time as well!

Statue of US President John Adams in Bilbao. Do not miss it with our private tours
J. Adams US President in a statue in Bilbao city center

John Adams in his trip on 1779 - 1780 by the North of Spain, described very well the way of living of locals: the bad situation of kitchens, tools the lack of chimneys in the kitchens... Nevertheless, food was good for this old times traveller. Nowadays, thankfully, we have been updated on technologies and tools in the kitchen, so that do not hesitate to contact us if you want to experience the best Basque food in your tour to this region. Here some comments of the former US president as he travelled by Galicia, Castille and the Spanish & French Basque Country:

"We breakfasted Spanish chocolate, which is as good as his fame says."

"Bread, cabbages, colliflowers, apples, pears... beef, pork poultry... are all good. The fish are good, eels, sardines and other fish are excellent, oysters are tolerable but not as good as ours." (Translator's Note: All my guests still got surprise when they try local fish, ask me to include it in your private tour!)

"We have diner with every luxury, but the wines were Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, Sherry, Alicante, Navarre... the most delicious in the World."

"I have found the Pork of this Country, the most excellent and delicious, as also the Bacon."

"we saw the Market of Vegetables with onions, cabbages, carrots, turnips -the largest I ever saw-, and the Market of Fuel - coal, wood, turf and brush

"The Mules and their Drivers look very well, in comparison of those We have seen before. Their Burdens are Salted Fish, Sardines, Cod and a Sort of Fish that We see here very plenty called Besugo (Red Sea Bream)".

"Walked round the Wharf upon the River, through the Market. Saw a plentiful Fruit and Vegetables Markett, Cabages, Carrots, Turnips, Onions, Beets, Pairs, Apples... Raisens, Figs, nuts &c." 

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