Bilbao. A luxury tour that goes beyond the Guggenheim Museum

Bilbao is the biggest industrial & more modern city of the Basques. Touring in Bilbao is like traveling on time from the old industrial architecture to the the latests architects' designs. Either if you are arriving by plane, boat or train, the green of the Basque Mountains and the blue of the Sea will not leave you indifferent. But once you will be inside, you will be surprised when you tour Bilbao and see the nice combination that Bilbao has. 

Just after your arrival by plane, you will see the avant-garde terminal made by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. A short trip will take you by through the Mountains to the eclectic city of Bilbao.

Three are many options for lodging in the city. You can see a small selection in the post about luxury hotels in Bilbao.
If you visit Bilbao, you will be sure to visit the Guggenheim Museum inside, or at least see it from outside. When you visit this museum, you can see not only a great modern art collection, but an outstanding building made by the world reknowned architect Frank O. Gehry which made a nice atmosphere inside the museum so that you can enjoy the pieces in a relax and intimate way. A nice Guggenheim Museum tour can end with a great lunch in one of the 3 restaurants they offer (for me the best of them is Nerua, with one Michelin Star) (You can ask me for details for a private tour for you in the city including a private visit to the Guggenheim).

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Bilbao Guggenheim Museum a true gem of the city
But there is much more to enjoy in Bilbao than the Guggenheim Museum for a bespoke traveller: the Ensanche District with shops of top brands and also smaller designer shops, or the 7 Streets District, where you can also visit the Santiago Cathedral, the New Square...

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The origins of the city and the start of this city

... and of course, your tour has to include the food market of Ribera, where people from Bilbao select our food to enjoy, or where you can go to have a drink or have lunch. 

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Make a full colorful & tasteful experience of your visit to Market of Rivera.

You could understand the history of Bilbao and how we lived in the past and nowadays by making a visit to the Old Bilbao and the City center, this is the place where locals enjoy good local wines or beer, specially txikitos (small glasses of wine) in places that are not often easy, but always nice to find. And of course, if you want to have the help of a local tourguide, you can contact me for a private exclusive tour for you in Bilbao so that you will not miss the best places in town.
Bilbao has a big culture, party and sport agenda over the whole year. Arriaga Theater, Campos Eliseos Theater and Euskalduna Building offer opera, theater and music shows. Food is a way of enjoy life in the Basque Country, and a great way to complement the day is going to have lunch to the Azurmendi Restaurant (with 3 Michelin stars) 10 minutes driving from the city center, or if you prefer to eat closer to your hotel, you can go walking to Etxanobe Restaurant inside the Euskalduna Palace.

But the beauty of Bilbao appears not only in the city center. Outside of town there are many incredible places to see: the Hanging Bridge on the coast, which is the only Unesco World Heritage site since 2006 of the Basque Country due to its combination of beauty and functionality. Do not miss it!