Luxury Hotels in Bilbao

The eclectic and modern Bilbao has a lot of lodging options. Here is a small selection for a Premium and luxury stay in the city of the Guggenheim Museum. Our ABC of some of the best hotels in Bilbao.

A Hotel Carlton This is the oldest and the only 5 star
Hall of Hotel Carlton in Bilbao
hotel until the arrival to Bilbao of the Guggenheim Museum and its incredible effect on the city. From 1926 has host people like Albert Einstein, the Spanish poet Lorca, the singer Maria Calas and the Basque President Aguirre.
Guggenheim Museum view from Hotel Domine Bilbao
B Hotel Silken Domine Bilbao Just in front of the Guggenheim Museum main door we find this modern museum. It was designed by Salas and Mariscal (the designer of the 1992 Barcelona olympics mascot) and you can see trendy and modern spaces all over. The terrace where you can have breakfast or a drink with a view of the Guggenheim Museum is not to be missed in your Bilbao tour.

C Hotel Miro A charming small hotel, close also to the Guggenheim Museum with great service and more boutique oriented.

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