Time and not money, the key for success

I still can not understand why a lot of people understand their success on the money, the value of their company in the stock market, the artist fame and reputation or any other non natural variables of human being. If we are all consistent to our human existence we birth nude without clothing, money or properties... and we pass away without enjoying thing that we have accumulated.

everything made for your to enjoy best your limited time
Enjoying together our time in the Basque Country

Appart from teaching us to solve our basic demands of food, shelter and care... and helping us to make us a place in our society, our parents, family and teachers should taught us on how to manage our time, not only under scientific and educational chriteria, but also at the light of their own experience.

With this point of view we would have a better possibility to take advantage of our life to make things we want and that make us wiser and happier. If from the early stages of our life, we would have been taught about the talents we have and how to make them flourish in a time adjusted to our natural capacities, I am sure that more people will feel more successful, happier and healthier.

As I believe on all this, I worked on my personal talents to design my VIP private tour guide business. And thinking to respect my time and the time of my guests, I prepare exclusive tours to enjoy and discover our land, traditions, culture and food with people that do not hesitate to use more of their money on the most valuable thing they have... their TIME.

I measure my success on the time enjoying my country and the people that come to discover it.
And you? How are you using the time in your life?