UNESCO World Heritage Sites easy to visit from the Basque Country.

At present, the Spanish tourists are using Vitoria-Gasteiz -a town on the Interior Camino de Santiago (St James way)- as a base for exploring nearby area. Easy to move by and centrally located: 1 hour from Bilbao, 1 hour from Rioja, 1 hour from San Sebastian and 1 hour from Pamplona it will be a great choice. 

And the best buildings in the city of Vitoria, included in St James way together with Bilbao & San Sebastian have been recognized recently with the UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Today though, I wanted to speak about other 3 places of great interest close to the Basque Country:
A The Gothic Cathedral of Burgos The Gothic Cathedral of Burgos. In the center of this city, only 1 hour driving from Vitoria-Gasteiz, 2 hours from Bilbao and 2 hours from San Sebastian. This is, after Alhambra in Granada the 2nd most visited monument in Spain. It is truly a worthy stop in St James way (Camino). In this city, you can also see the Museo del Hombre, where you can admire the works done in Atapuerca, our following recommended place.

B Atapuerca Archaeological Site Also in Burgos province, Atapuerca has been in Unesco World Heritage since 2000. Here there have been recent discoveries of different ancestors of Europeans that have changed the way our history has been written.

Appart of seeing the actual site, you can also experience the tools and weapons of our ancestors. And children can learn how to paint in the caves or to make fire in a friendly way. It is just 1 hour driving from Vitoria or Rioja and 90 minutes from Bilbao.
C Altamira Cave In Cantabria province, 90 minutes west from Bilbao, it is often refered to as the “cave art Sixtine Chapelle” due to its richness in decoration. It was the first cave found with such a number of paints of incredible quality and still the most incredible found in the whole North of Spain. It was occupied for over 22000 years by human beings.

If you are one of those who love to follow the UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will have opportunity to see 3 inside the Basque Country and 4 sites in less than 1 hour from the Basque Country border, so that you can make easily 7 in a week trip. Enjoy the Basque Country!

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