Meeting Jeff Koons in the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum

That day I was making a private tour to a charming Latinamerican couple. When arriving to the Puppy, the big dog made with flowers in front of the main entrance of the Museum, Jeff Koons was there. He was out preparing a promotion for his present exhibit in the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum (that will be the whole summer in Bilbao) with the name “Retrospective”. The Puppy has his colourful summer flowers just planted...

One of my guests, seeing that there was something unusual happening asked me who was that person. When I told him that he was the creator of that beautiful piece of art, immediately he pushed me to have a picture with the great artist. But as a Basque born and fed that I am, I felt embarrased to tell him anything, as I saw Jeff Koons occupied having pictures and filming, I did not want to bother him...

I continued with my tour, explaining the characteristics of the building and the Puppy and when I was near him, he approached and waved me (he may had interest on knowing, at least, one who shows his work to the world?). Then I lost my Basque shyness and I placed with him to make a picture with the help of my guests who insisted on it (thanks to them I have this moment documented). Koons suggested very intelligently to make the picture in front of the Puppy for the picture. He was very accomodating. We spoke a bit and I was really surprised about the friendly and warm approach of one of the artists best valued in the art world.

Jeff Koones in Bilbao in front of the Puppy, one of his pieces in Bilbao Guggenheim Museum
I had not the audacity to tell him that in Bilbao some people say that we have a dog, but that the doghouse we ordered to Frank O. Gehry was too modern for our dog. Hope that others have told him!

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