Hiking in the Basque Country

The Basques love hiking & biking. This is a common answer that I gave my guests when they ask me for sports that we practise. And of course, this love is also something that it is shown in my profile as I can make tours to show some of these areas. You can ask me for details through my contact form

Today I wanted to give you 3 best hiking tour options. Corners I love and that are representative of the Basque Country, nice and easy to do:

A The Basque Coast. Our coast is very rocky with a lot of hidden beaches and corners. There are places like the area from Zumaia to Deba which hide the history of million of years, and places like the coast near Bilbao. Hard to choose, but it will be always a good choice.

B The wine region. Rioja wine production area mixes vineyards, medieval towns, prehistoric remains... and of course, you can also make stops on the way to taste some of the best wines in the area. What else you can ask for? 


C Mountain lover. We have mountains all over our countryside that hide incredible forests and surprising stories about witches, mithology and history of battles, old works in the forests... Mountains easy to do and where you will meet locals in a friendly and easy to contact. 

Need more info? Aitor can prepare a private tailored tour anywhere of the Basque Country, you can contact me through your Basque Private Tour Guide contact form, email me at: tours@aitordelgado.com or phone me: +1 (518) 632 4867 or +34 687 476 134