Family plans - Learning about the first inhabitants in the area - Atapuerca & Ekain cave

I love nature and art, and visiting caves causes me unique sensations that I can not still understand. It can be due to the unique environment of the caves... However, if the cave has also prehistoric paintings it is simply magical. 
The paintings help us to understand and imagine what the life of our ancestors were. When in these caves, I show the same respect I have inside the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao or the Louvre in Paris, but what I feel is much more intense... more primary maybe... just amazing...

Faced with prehistoric art, whether a small statue, a print, a painting or a relief, I want to know not only what can tell us about who made it or his society, but also the technique used. 
From Bilbao there are three sites around one hour driving: the site of Atapuerca (in Burgos), Altamira (Cantabria) and Ekain Cave (Basque Country). All of them classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There you can see and experience in practice the techniques used by the homo sapiens not only painting, but also to hunt, make fire and even make music. Children love this tour!

Personally, what has fascinated me is the ability to invent and develop the techniques of painting. The selection of materials for the colors or tools, and methods of preparation and application themselves on the surfaces are very simple but effective. And, of course, the act of selecting the right place to do the drawing, painting, bookmark, inside the cave... and make the strokes, and directions of movement using the unevenness, cracks, valleys, columns, holes ... surfaces. And the fact that they also keep children involved it makes this a perfect family tour. Ask me for details.

The current modern art makes me less and less complex day on the techniques used (by the degree of control already achieved), and is becoming more abstract day (sometimes provocating disrespect to the observer), so the most I see cave art, the more I like it. What do you think?

Altamira museum, Santillana & Prehistoric caves private tour from Bilbao
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