Where to go in the Basque Country?

I am happy to help my clients to make their tour in the Basque Country special.

We are lucky to have in less than 200km (ca. 125 miles) of distance huge variety of attractions that can be included in your tour (You can ask me for details at tours@aitordelgado.com):

A wild coast in the North and hills covered by vineyards in the South.
The most astonishing modern architecture of Guggenheim Museum and old stone monuments dated 5000 years ago. 
And top quality restaurants to have a haute cousine dinner or a set of various pintxos.

But what are the most popular places for our visitors? 
If you want to have an idea of what people likes more on our country, you can have a look to this image.

Most popular places in the Basque Country shown in yellow.

Sightsmap application has made a database with the pictures uploaded by different systems all over the world. And this is the result of the Basque Country area.

The name of major attraction points is included for your reference. So plenty things to do!

You can see that the cities of Bilbao, San Sebastian Donostia, Biarritz, Bilbao, the coast and St-James Road in yellow which indicates a big concentration of pictures.

If you want a private tailored tour anywhere of the Basque Country, you can email me at: tours@aitordelgado.com or phone me: +1 (518) 632 4867 or +34 687 476 134

I will be happy to make the tour easy for you.