The Best Mayor of the World passed away

Bilbao's mayor for 15 years has passed away yesterday after a long fight to live.

During this time, he has been strong and has made controversial decisions and often strongly, even with bad manners. But he has to be recognized as one of the persons (not the only one though), who has pushed the image and the reality of Bilbao to a new lever, as we spoke in a previous post:

Bilbao city panoramic tour
Bilbao city from a nearby mountain

And not only the Guggenheim Museum surrounding area, Abandoibarra, that can be easier to see in a visit, but also hidden neighbourhoods, making a city friendlier for the inhabitants of Bilbao as well. 

Our small tribute from Aitor Delgado Basque Private Tours to express our condolences to his family and friends of this lover of Bilbao who left yesterday a city much more beautiful, and friendly for all of us.

A major who was awarded as Best Mayor in the World in 2012.

Agur Iñaki!