Why food is so important in the Basque Country? Part 2

Last week we spoke about our traditions, but there are more things to consider. Today we will speak about the ingredients.

- Our products.
Our food is based on available products cooked in a simple way.

The climate variety combined with our sheperd and farmer history, has given us great products for our gastronomy.

But not only that, the people of the coast looking for new fish sources moved more and more far away (there have been found some iron tools showing evidence of presence of Basque fishermen in Canada as some of the first Europeans to arrive 500 years ago).

This fishermen have introduced in our food fishes like cod, tuna, hake, red sea bream, sardines, anchovies, seabass or monkfish which are nowadays common in Basque menus. 

Raw fish, meat and fruits in the Basque food.

Having this in consideration, it is not strange the fact that we are one of the countries eating more fish in the world... 

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