Why food is so important in the Basque Country? Part 1

This is a common question I face from my clients. And there are multiple reasons. In the following posts, I want to give some light on some of the reasons that helped us to achieve a position in the mind of best foodies:

One of the reasons for having great food can be:
- Our traditions
We have a long and strong relationship on food.
Our lunch start late (in the Southern Basque Country), but they last looong.
We easily can stay 3 hours eating in a weekend.
It is because we love food and sharing our food with friends.

 Even we have a traditional and unique tradition called "Gastronomic Societies". There friends meet for cooking and eating.
In Winter and Spring in San Sebastian and Vitoria-Gasteiz the members of Gastronomic Societies get some small barrels and drums and march along the streets of these cities. It is their contribution to all citizens' festival!

San Sebastian Drum festival by Gastronomic Societies. By SanSe

But the tradition is not enough to have an oustanding gastronomy. Want to see more reasons? Come back next week for next post.

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