Hanging Bridge of Biscay

In the start of the sea inlet of Bilbao, you can find this Bridge which is celebrating 125 years of its opening, back in 1893.

When I am offering my tailored tours I always have it hard to describe this bridge and this is why I am making today this post. But everyone which arrives here is surprised with this bridge. Unique! Astonishing! are some of the things I have heard from my guests in Bilbao.

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Biscay Hanging Bridge with Portugalete at the back

As you can see in the picture, basically it is a big steel structure of 60 meters high and 160 meters long that connects both sides of Nervion River just at the exit to the Atlantic Ocean.

It was made to connect the area of Las Arenas and Portugalete and therefore ease the communication and transport of goods and the upcoming car transportation (which otherwise have to go down in the river to Bilbao, 

This is the oldest hanging bridge in service all over the world, and it was an example that has been followed afterwards in America and Africa.

In 2006 it was included in the Unesco World Heritage list as one of the outstanding architectural iron constructions of the industrial revolution.

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