Travel Tales. A Canadian client post of a tour with Aitor Delgado Private Tour Guide

My work helps me to meet a lot of interesting people and with many of them I remain in contact or although the contact is from time to time, I am very happy when I receive news from any of them.

Cafe Iruna Bilbao a pintxo tour experience in Bilbao
Cafe Iruña in Bilbao.

This happened with my now Canadians friends Sue and Dave, they made a tour with me last year in Bilbao and I received recently a link to their blog with their impressions of their private Basque tour and their tailored tour in the city of Bilbao.

I love their description of the pintxo they taste in Cafe Iruña (in the picture above).

I am really proud to make the visitors in the Basque Country to feel like they were visiting an old friend, but only an old friend that they have just met!
Is not that wonderful?
For me it is.

Thanks Sue & Dave.

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