Salt valley of Añana to become Unesco World Heritage site

The west of Alava has a lot of surprising corners to offer to the traveller looking for new experiences.

One of these is the Salt Valley of Salinas de Añana.

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Salt covering all wooden structures and salt water flowing

For centuries locals have been using and extracting the salt from a salt water river which springs nearby.

After the decline at the end of 20th Century the area and its salt production is starting to grow again but now for showing its glorious past to the visitors and making really special and only making small quantity of delicatessen salt.

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Salt prepared in the old way to be packed and processed.

The visit can be finished with a hand or feet inmersion on this salt water. Is not ths a good way to end a long tour in a warm day?

This valley is still an pretty unknown spot, but it is becoming slowly more popular.

Its uniqueness has reached out of the frontiers of Spain and Unesco is studying an application to get it into the list of World Heritage sites by Unesco
FRESH NEWS FOR OUR FOLLOWERS: As evaluation process continues in a few days Unesco experts will arrive to the area to see the situation and the possibility of inclusion in this list.

The locals of this small village of Añana (population: 166 inhabitants in 2012) are fighting very hard to get this recognition. All of us from Alava wish you get your place in Unesco's World Heritage sites list.

Well done and good luck!

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