Laguardia - A town in Rioja with incredible corners

If I have to select only a village in Rioja wine production area to surprise my visitors, my choice would be Laguardia. 

When arriving to this village, which you can visit with Aitor Delgado Private Tour Guide, you can understand why one of the greatest Spanish tale writers has his origins here.

Vineyards and fancy wineries of greatests architects surround the city, but its beautiness here is only about to start.

Just after entering its medieval walls you will forget those gorgeous vineyards and mountains and you will be surrounded by the calm of a beautifully preserved town that has forbidden for centuries the entry of any charriots, and heavy transports (which also applies nowadays to cars).

But this is not all, many of its medieval houses hide some astonishing interiors, and the best of all of them remains in its main church, where you can see the portal of the St Mary of the Kings.

Laguardia medieval church jewel
Laguardia's medieval church of S Mary of the Kings a coloured portal, jewel of this Rioja village

One of the portals that have preserved the original colours that were applied to the portals of the churches centuries ago.

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Enjoy Laguardia! 
Enjoy Rioja!
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