What to see in Bilbao apart of the Guggenheim?

Bilbao Guggenheim Museum is maybe the first sight everyone recognizes of Bilbao. Visitors to Bilbao often ask for alternatives to see after their visit to this iconic museum by Frank O. Gehry. But there are plenty things to do and see as you can find out in a tour with a local tour guide. Here I have prepared a small ABC with recommendations for your stay in Bilbao. Hope that you like them!

http://www.aitordelgado.net/p/contact-form.html A The Old City center, and 7 Streets District. Some believe that  the Plaza Nueva Square is the center, but it is only the start of an incredible walk along picturesque narrow streets which once were busy with sea merchants and nowadays are full of small fashion boutiques, pintxo bars, and cafes.

B The New City. If Bilbao is unique it is also because it is flourishing new architecture. People like Isozaki, Pelli and Calatrava have made iconic buildings in this middle size Spanish city. One of the favourites for me is the combination of the Isozaki Atea with the Bridge of Calatrava.

C The Mountains. Mountains surround our city, and this is very well seen from one of the nearby and easiest to arrive mountains. Artxanda. Taking the funicular from the busy city center to this small park is a nice travel from city to nature. And the views from here are truly rewarding!

Of course, this is only a small compilation of places to see. Remember as well, that we have spoken in this website about where to taste best pintxos in Bilbao.

And that there are plenty things to see also outside of the city: San Sebastian, the wine production area of Rioja, the Medieval City of Vitoria, or the incredible coastline and the surprising Basque mountains and villages.

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