Reasons to visit Bilbao, San Sebastian, Biarritz, Pamplona... best of the Basque Country (Part 3)

What to visit in the Basque Country? What you can recommend apart of the Guggenheim Museum? There are many reasons for planning a visit to this corner of Spain & France. I have shown some in my previous posts: post 1 & post 2. These are additional reasons you can consider to visit this hidden corner in between France & Spain.

Reason #19. The Basque Coast is incredible beautiful. The Basque Mountains meet the sea in a harmony of colours and forms unusual in other parts of the world. That is only one of the reasons why this area has been selected by Game of Thrones to film here their 7th season...
Loizaga Tower.
Reason #20. Because at the feet of the Medieval Loizaga Tower, you can find the biggest private collection in Europe of ancient cars with all Rolls Royces ever produced.

Reason #21. Because the Basque Country is inside the second most hilly area in Europe. And the green of the countryside together with local animals such as pottoka horses, latxa sheeps and Basque shepherd dogs make it a top picturesque region. 

Reason #22. Because in Zumaia we have the only beach in the world marked by geologists with 2 golden nails, in an area where you can see the moment of the dinosaur extinction easily. 

"La hechicera" dolmen
Reason #23. Because still nowadays, you can see locals playing and enjoying local sports. Basques are always excited on a pelota game (Jai Alai is one of those pelota games). But this is not all, we also have competitions rowing, chopping trunks or lifting big stones...

Reason #24. Because in less than 1 hour you can see remains from 6,000 years ago, roman ruins, medieval ruins or places remarkable on the arab, jewish or christian history. 

Reason #25. Because you can visit one of the European Green Capitals in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Where the World Sustainable Tourism Act was signed. 

Remember that there are much more reasons to come and visit us. You can go back to read about ideas on what to see and where to go in the Basque Country in part #1 and in part #2.

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