Reasons to visit Bilbao, San Sebastian, Biarritz, Pamplona... best of the Basque Country (part 2).

What to visit in the Basque Country? What you can recommend apart of the Guggenheim Museum? These, together with the options marked in my previous post, are some reasons you can consider to visit this hidden corner in between France & Spain. 

Reason #10. The Basque Country is one of the oldest populations in Europe. We have an indigenous culture, language and traditions. And one of the oldest languages in Europe with an unique misterious origin.

Reason #11. The way of St James (Camino de Santiago) has passed through these mountains and valleys for centuries. There are 3 routes of St. James that you can follow: the French way, the coastal way and the Basque inland way. All of them World Heritage by Unesco.

Reason #12. You can visit caves where you can see paintings made by humans 15,000 years ago. Prehistoric Humans painted on caves of the Basque Country and all the area from Altamira in Cantabria to Lascaux in the South of France. All these sites are World Heritage by Unesco.

Reason #13. Biarritz is a beautiful coastal resort and the place where surf was done for the first time in Europe. Also surfers have over 20 beaches to enjoy their sport. And the left wave of Mundaka is world known.

Reason #14. The best Spanish playing cards are designed and produced in Vitoria-Gasteiz. And the city has the best Playing Cards Museum in the world with examples of tarot, Indian, Chinese and Italian playing cards.

Reason #15. The Basque Country culture is present in 2 countries. The French Basque Country and the Spanish Basque Country share an unique cultural identity. It is really surprising for my guests to see the way Basque culture is approached on both sides of the border.

Reason #16. Food is nearly a religion in the Basque Country. Great food can not only be tasted in luxury restaurants, but in all restaurants and bars. Even for the Spanish population, the Basque Country is the best place in Spain to eat.

Reason #17. There are some private societies, where men meet only to cook and eat. Basque women enjoy it as they only go there to enjoy the food.

Reason #18. Tapas are in a different level in the Basque Country, and we call that level
"pintxos". In contrast with Spanish tapas, Basque pintxos are small tasteful dishes that are paid outside of the drink, but with luxury elaborations.
And there are much more. To continue reading about ideas on what to see and where to go in the Basque Country, go to part 3.

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