Basque language. Basic words for your travel

The Basque Country has a very old history and traditions. But many people do not know that we are also the home of one of the oldest languages of Europe (or at least one of the few with has no known relationship with any other language in the world). Euskera, euskara, vasco, basque or Basque is the name that we give to this language, but do you want to learn some basic words on this language? Just continue reading: 

A Hi! & Bye! Two basic words that everyone understand in the Spanish Basque Country and French Basque Country. In Basque we say: "Kaixo!" for Hi! and "Agur!" for Bye!
B. Thank you Here comes another basic it may sound a bit unfamiliar at the beginning (we say "Eskerrik Asko"). Do not worry, you will see it written in many bars and restaurants, in bills, even in paper napkins.
C. Enjoy your meal! In a place where food is so important, you may hear this. We say "On egin!"

After years of decline, the Basque language is flourishing (specially in the Spanish Basque Country) and more and more young people understand and speak it. However, still nowadays in the majority of the cities and places you probably find Spanish or French as an easier way to communicate.
But people will love that you try!
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