Three hiking tours in the Basque Country

The Basque Country is surprisingly green. Our mountains are something that many people miss if they just get a walking tour in Bilbao, San Sebastian or Vitoria. But it is something that we do. Maybe as an old remain of the old local religion, to visit the lady godess of Mari... If you have sometime is worth to try to do one of these mountains hiking day tours. Enjoy the Basque Country!:

A Aitzgorri & Aratz  Close to one of the ways of Santiago Camino, these mountains hide a traditional countryside just near Vitoria and San Sebastian and the coast) 


B Gorbeia or Gorbea Promoted recently like Basque central park, it is really very close both to Bilbao and it is so refreshing, even magical to see the forests of this park...

C Anboto We spoke about Mari, the ancient Basque godess and here it is her major residence. A place of big importance in Basque mithology and traditions, not to mention the church of Urkiola. A true tradition amongst Basque hikers!

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