Best cafes for a stop in your Bilbao tour

Bilbao is famous amongst the locals for its high quality cafes, but you will not find a Starbucks in the city, the small and family run businesses are the kings in the coffee and bar industry here. This is something that all my guests notice and appreciate. But let me give you a list of 3 nice places for your coffee stop in Bilbao:

A Cafe Iruña A true institution in Bilbao. One of the oldests cafes in the city, incredibly decorated with an atmosphere which can remember to some Andalusia (there is a painting of Granada's Alhambra in one of the walls). A nice stop for your day tour.

B. Coffee Break Right in the center of Bilbao, my guests love it as it is the best place to have something similar to what you expect to find in Starbucks: giant long coffees, iced coffees, cappuccino...

C. Cafe Bilbao Close to Coffee Break it is for me one of the must seens in Bilbao, Cafe Bilbao offers the traditional Basque coffees in the incredible beautiful New Square (Plaza Nueva).

There are much more, some just next corner. Do a tour with a local tour guide, and you will have the coffee that you want, when you want, as it can be just next corner. Ask me for details for your private tour in Bilbao.

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