Zumaia Flysch an incredible nature sight

The coast of Zumaia, near San Sebastian hides an easy and incredibly beautiful hike in the coast of the Basque Country that I really love. 

Unique countryside, wonderful place to tour.
In general, the Basque Coast is a place where hills and mountains meet the sea, but this part from Getaria to Deba is special. And in the center, Zumaia, a small fishermen town, has a well kept secret, one of those that I love to share with my followers. You want to discover more secrets with me?, you can subscribe here

Incredible rock formation by the sea

From the beach of Zumaia you can see incredible walls made on natural rocks. These rocks, look like a kind of millefeuille, but they speak about the history of this place on Earth during millions of years. 

Ammonites in a hike tour with your local private tour guide
Real fossils can be discovered whilst enjoying a private tour by this area

A time, where this area was only a shallow warm see full of life.

A time where Dinosaurs were the kings on Earth and on the Sea...

There are remains from 100 million years ago to 60 million years ago. This period includes the famous extinction happened 65 million years ago, when researchers say that a big meteorite impacted in nowadays Mexico and that caused a masive extinction, some of those were the dinosaurs.

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