Bilbao Modern Architect Buildings Tour

Guggenheim Museum Private Tour Guide
Guggenheim Museum
The Guggenheim Effect changed the way we looked and enjoyed the city of Bilbao. It is hard to imagine a grey industrial town where we can see nowadays light, clean buildings and new architectural icons. Here are with three of the best new buildings that I believe you should not miss in your tour to Bilbao:

A The Guggenheim Museum This, of course, this should be top of the list. You can learn more in Guggenheim Bilbao Museum architecture and pieces of art but it does not matter that you do not like modern art, it really is an incredible building to see.

B Alhondiga Building Although it is a bit out of the usual tourist track, I really love to show it to my guests. Because it mixes old 1909 industrial architecture outside with inside decoration by Philippe Stark, because you can seereal Bilbao people living and passing there... do not hesitate to get a private tour with me to find about these or other aspects.

C Isozaki's Towers & Calatrava's White Bridge Ok, these are two buildings, but really there are so many places to enjoy new architecture in Bilbao that our ABC seemed too short for me. Actually, both structures, although they were done in different times, they match really well as you can see in the picture attached and a wonderful stop on your way by the Nervion river tour.

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