The Basques and the Native Americans in the US Far West

There has been Basque migration to US for centuries. 

Many Americans think about Basques being shepherds. And this is because many Basque migrants to US made that job in America. Basque population did not know English, and we loved mountains, nature & open spaces. 

Basque sheep "latxa"
Becoming a shepherd came a natural option for Basques arriving to the new US... And this is nowadays the iconic image of the Basques for an average US American.

Nowadays, we still have simmilar characteristics: we love nature, mountain, hiking... we even have a special sheep cheese (called Idiazabal). And there is also a big lack of English speakers still nowadays!

But there are other facts lesser known about the Basques in America:

Did you know that first European who defeated the Comanches, in a famous alliance of Spanish, Utes and Apaches, in 1779 in Colorado, was from Basque origin?

On the other hand, did you know that last European killed by an American Native is Basque as well?

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