Photo marathon in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Many people come to the Basque Country looking for a beautiful place where make a unique picture showing the beauty of our nature. Clifts down to the ocean, green mountains scattered with small Basque houses and tiny villages surrounded by local sheeps. All do a nice picture.
medieval wall and the modern mural made by local neighbours
Vitoria has also a nice combination of modern and ancient art.

But also our cities are great for pictures. Bilbao with its nice combination of new and old architecture.
And also Vitoria-Gasteiz which is a hidden gem that you can discover.
On Saturday 24th they are making a photography contest to find the best picture of the city. 
Do you want to participate? You only need to join the list:
And then tour around the city to find the corner you love. You will find plenty! 
You can see previous years' winners here for inspiration:

Enjoy Vitoria-Gasteiz! Enjoy the Basque Country!