Great Basque Festivals

Summer arrive and with them, celebrations come. It can be a great opportunity to meet locals and learn about our way to enjoy live.
But where to go. Here I am going to make a small selection of the best festivals in the Basque Country. Do you want to learn about them? Go on reading. Here you have Basque festivals ABC:

A Pamplona, Navarre. Probably you have heard about the Running of the Bulls. Yes, it happens in the Basque Country, in the former capital of Navarre Kingdom. The Running of the Bulls is a real fast part of this big party time happening during 7 days in July (from July 7th to July 14th early in the morning). For a few seconds bulls run and people run in front of them. Can you think about something similar? Hemingway get in love with this festival and even wrote a book about it "The Sun also Rises" (Translated as "Fiesta" in Spanish). San Fermin, the name of this festival is something you have to see at least once in your life.

Pamplona san fermin
Running of the bulls is a key even in Pamplona San Fermines festival

  B Battle of Wine in Haro, Rioja. Not truly in the Basque Country, but 10 km away from the border, this can be a nice place to see if you are in the area around 29th June. Young and old people of this important town of Rioja wine production area, go to the top of a mountain where the hermitage of local saint stands. There start a big battle with no friends where wine runs and splashes all over. Yes, it is better you leave your Balenciaga dress at home this day!

C Vitoria Blanca, San Sebastian Aste Nagusia and Bilbao Semana Grande, Basque Country. As you see, these are not one, but three. I include it like this, because they are quite simmilar and they follow each other in August. Traditional sports like Jai Alai, Basque Pelota, trunk chopping, etc. in the mornings and music, and dance in the afternoon and evenings. And at night fireworks and more music and dance. Let's go for fiesta! (Jai in Basque language).

Basque fiesta Vitoria Blanca
Dressing up with traditional costumes in Summer festivals is popular in the Basque Country

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