Basque Traditional Sports and Ancient Basque Language

Some Basque traditions are really different from what you can expect from an industrial region.

For example, the traditional Basque sports, like this one I am showing you today "aizkolari" or Trunk Chopping. As this exhibition I recorded that actually gives me an opportunity to explain you about another Basque Culture top. 

Basque or "Euskara" Our ancient language...

Have you thought on learning some words before your arrival to the Basque Country. Here you have the first 10 numbers in each of the movements of the Basque athlete "aizkolari":

For your better learnt, you can see them here written:

1. Bat
2. Bi
3. Hiru
4. Lau
5. Bost
6. Sei
7. Zazpi
8. Zortzi
9. Bederatzi
10. Hamar

Hope that you like it!

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