A pintxo recipe for food lovers - Fried Egg of Sagartoki

2 Potatoes
2 fine slices of bacon
1 Egg yoak
Olive Oil

This is one of the most surprising pintxos that you can have in your pintxo tour in Vitoria and today I am going to tell you its secret and how to surprise your friends with it.

First you peal potatoes and cut them in small cubes. Boil them in with water. Once they are soft, strain them.
Then pour them in a glass and smash them.

Here it comes the best part, dehydration. Cover an oven tray with cooking paper and pour the smash potato over it. Stretch it out to make a thin layer of smash potato over the paper.

Introduce them in the oven at 90ºC (195 F). Once the smash potato layer is dark, take it out of the oven.

Cut this layer in 10 to 12cm wide rectangles (around 4 inches).

Separate the yoak from the egg.

We make a cross with two layers of bacon and introduce in the middle the egg yoak. We add salt and cover it with the bacon bands.

Add the bacon and the yoak over the potato layer that we cut. Close it with a potato layer as an envelope.

Deep fry it with the envelope opening facing down for only 10 seconds until having the potato layer color changed.

An incredible pintxo, with many awards all over Spain and a true delicacy that you can make at home. Please, share your pictures of this pintxo in http://www.facebook.com/aitordelgadotours