The surprising paintings in Romanic Church of Alaiza

Alaiza (Alaitza) is a small village in the Basque Country close to a main road often overviewed in Basque Country tours, but that hides one of the best preserved and least known treasures of the area. Its small church, which stands here from 13th Century keeps inside a beautiful secret.
Once we enter when we turn our head to the altar we will find it decorated with very strange frescoes made on the 14th Century and that depict scenes from the real live of the area.

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One of the several misterious paintings found in this small church

Scenes that have more to do with real life of the Medieval society in the Basque Country much more to the traditional Christian religion images.
You can see one of these images in the picture above. But do you want to see them and discover the reason of their presence here?
This and other aspects of this corner of the Basque Country can be included in my private tours.

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