The origin of the Christian Catholic order of Jesuits in the Basque Country

After recent election of the new Latin American Pope of Rome, Francis, it came into news that he is the first elected pope from the society of Jesus.

Not a lot of people know that two of the founders of Jesuits born in the Basque region: Ignatius of Loiola and Francisco Xavier.

Sanctuary of Loiola
In the province of Guipuzcoa, rising in the middle of green mountains you will find the sanctuary of Loiola a short trip from San Sebastian. A barroque temple, designed by a disciple of Bernini, embracing the old medieval tower of the family of Ignatius Loiola.

And in Navarre, you have two other interesting points on this history: 

First is the medieval castle of the family of Xavier, in Javier village, just 30 minutes from Pamplona.
Castle of Francisco Xavier, Navarre
Second is the city of Pamplona itself, where both Francisco Xavier and Ignatius of Loiola brothers fought one against the other on the battle in Pamplona of the Castilla troops against the Navarre and French alliance.

Enjoy the Basque Country!

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