Biarritz and the sea

Biarritz is one of the tours I like most.

Born as a small whale fishermen port, famous persons like French writer Victor Hugo, the British Winston Churchill, the Russian Anton Chekhov or the spy Mata Hari came here.

The 18th Century marked a hit on Biarritz history.
On one side d
octors found that salty sea baths had therapeutic properties. 

And on the other Empress Eugenie, the Spanish wife of the French Emperor Napoleon III, decided to come to this town, closer to Spain, to enjoy the sea and get in love with the city and its way of life. Napoleon III built a lovely palace for her: nowadays the beautifully preserved luxury Hotel du Palais). You can discover this and other incredible corners of Biarritz with Aitor Delgado.

Noblemen and whealthy people started to arrive with her gaving the town the charmeur and seductive architecture and atmosphere that we can feel today in its streets.

But still another wave of visitors were to arrive. On the 20th Century the fierce and lively sea was seen by American surfers and Biarritz beaches became the first in Europe where surf was practised.

Now in the 21st Century it was opened the Biarritz Ocean Complex, a new concept which goes further than an aquarium, where you can see local and foreign sea fauna. Not to miss the shark pool.

Biarritz has always look to the Sea and now the Sea is inside Biarritz they say... 

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