Marquess of Wellington victory against Napoleonic French army

In 2013, on 21st June we celebrate 200 years anniversary of one of the Battles that marked the History of Europe, the Battle of Vitoria where British, Portuguese and Spanish forces lead by the Marquess of Wellington and  broke the French army of Napoleon (Joseph Bonaparte) leading to the eventual victory in the Peninsula War.

After the defeat in Vitoria, French left their booty behind which allowed some Spanish treasures not to leave the country.

Tours are given to see some of the places that remember this episody that was so important at the time, that Beethoven made his Opus 91 about it:

You can also find more information on my post about Armory Museum:

Contact me if you need information for a private tour in Vitoria-Gasteiz or in the Basque Country covering this anniversary and other issues:

UPDATE: The city of Vitoria is making an accurate reconstruction in June and that will be hold every two years. First events will be in June 2013, then on 28th June 2014 and in June 2016. 

Enjoy Vitoria! Enjoy the Basque Country!