What's on - Local Farmer's Markets: Ordizia Azoka, 500 years of History

On the way from San Sebastian to Vitoria lays one old city with a very old market which deserves a visit on these days.

There are references of a market with local products in Ordizia, Gipuzkoa from the year 1100 a.D. 

In 1512 a great fire destroyed most of the village and the Castille Queen "Juana" give the right to the people of Ordizia to make a market every Wednesday in the main square of the village, the "Plaza Nagusia".

From that moment on, the local farmers come down the hills to offer their products every Wednesday. 

Yesterday it was the 26000th time they did, in other words, they have celebrated the 500th anniversary. 

To mark it this Sunday 18th March there will be different shows.

In the morning (from 10 hours), the farmers will arrive dressed with "baserritarra" costume (traditional Basque costume) and then, around 12 hours, there will be "bertsolaris" and "aurresku" as a tribute to them.

There will be a popular lunch in the Fronton and afterwards in the evening (after 17 hours), there will be a show of Basque Traditional Sports and later, during the night, there will be a remembrance to the fire that destroyed the city 500 years ago.

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