Mondays of Museums XIII - Gorrotxategi Museum, Confectionery & Chocolate Festival

In your tour to Tolosa, on the way from San Sebastian to Vitoria you can see a museum by Rafael Gorrotxategi, the present member of a family devoted to confectionery from 1925.

In Gorrotxategi Museum you will experience a travel through all the ways of production of chocolate from the first Mexican stones, used in 15th Century to grind cocoa beans, to present ways of production.
And best comes at the end! A nice cup of hot chocolate freshly prepared to end with a visit.

This Basque museum is specialist on chocolates but it also covers other confectionery production. Is not a sweet place to go after Saint Valentine? ;-)

Worth to see as well the nice collection of nougats, chocolates and confectioneries to purchase from the museum shop. Not to miss as well their famous "tejas & cigarrillos" two almond cookies shaped as tiles and cigarretes, traditional from Tolosa town.

Closed on Mondays.

PS.: Thank you ionk2004 for your comment. Tejas & Cigarrillos shown are from another confectionery house, Casa Eceiza. Also truly interesting to pay them a visit in their place in the same city of Tolosa.