Weekend Plans - Danborrada San Sebastian

Today's weekend plan is not exactly a weekend plan, but a week event happening on the night of Thursday and Friday this week.

An event really worthy to see, San Sebastian's Tamborrada or Danborrada. 

20th January is San Sebastian day according to Catholic tradition. 

Because of this and just at the start of every 20th January in San Sebastian the flag of the city is raised in the Constitution Square, right in the center of the old quarter of San Sebastian.

In the middle of this scenario there is a huge number of people disguised with cooker, traditional or 19th Century soldiers that start making music with their drums (soldiers) and barrels (cookers).
After this overnight beginning the most popular festival in San Sebastian starts with about a hundred of societies marching at the sound of their own drums.
It is a colorful and very beautiful festival that involves thousands of people.
After 24 hours of party, in the night from 20th to 21st January the flag is lowered making the end of this festival until the next year.

Hope that you enjoy it!