Bertsolari - Music, Poetry, Culture... another way of art in the Basque Country

Today I want to show you one of the events very popular in the Basque Country, but hardly not known outside the Basque Culture, which is "Bertsolaritza". 

Bertsolaris are those who made these musical verses. Professional bertsolaris can be found in festivities singing their improvised verses. 

The topic of the verse is given just a moment before starting its verse and bertsolaris have to prepare immediately a verse with a given proportion and musicality. 
Last words are normally repeated. This ables the public to participate allowing the bertsolari to share it and thus giving it a group identity to the verses.

Normally it is sung in pairs. And contests are often made to decide who is the one making the most intelligent or innovative verse.

But it is not only a professional matter as it can be seen in many places such as bars, cider houses, etc.

Have a look to this recently shown documentary where they speak about it:
Bertsolari documentary (verses English subtitled)

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