Private tours for luxury cruises in Pasajes San Sebastian (Spain).

Private tours for luxury cruises in Pasajes (Spain).
The port of San Sebastian is visited by the company Azamara Cruises, with his ship Azamara Journey & The World.

Our tours are always tailored to you (according to your time availability, interests and special requests). These are some examples of popular visits selected for cruise travelers on their stop in Pasaia (San Sebastian) port:

A. Pasaia Town Tour (4 or 6 hours). Tour this picturesque and historical town (ask for version with transport if you want). This unusual town is by the sea into 3 quarters. In the quiet and bucolic district of St. John you can enjoy the tranquility sought by Victor Hugo, who stayed in the Gabiria House, current tourist office and also see the Shrine of Mercy, the square of Santiago and the old town hall... (a personal suggestion: sit in one of its restaurants and enjoy delicious seafood at the harbor mouth). You can also visit in the neighborhood of St. Peter where the Albaola Museum has an innovative space to learn and admire the Basque maritime technology.

B. San Sebastian City Tour (4, 6 or 8 hours). Transport can be arranged on request with pick up and drop off in the port. We will combine must seens with places only known by locals, enjoying the view from Mount Igeldo, walking along the beautiful beach of La Concha and admiring the Comb of the Winds by the Basque sculptor Chillida. In the center we will admire the famous Theater Victoria Eugenia, Hotel Maria Cristina & the Kursaal (all film festival venues). And of course, a visit to this town will not be complete without seeing (and maybe tasting) some of its local exquisite pintxos (Basque evoluted version of Spanish tapas).

C. Town of St. Jean-de-Luz and / or Biarritz (France) (4, 6 or 8 hours). With transport arranged on request with pick up and drop off in the port, this is one of the most interesting places to visit as they are quite different from San Sebastian and the Spanish Basque Country side. In the North Basque Country there are nice opportunities for shopping French luxury items and handicrafts and many picturesque areas nearby (Note that if you want smaller towns, inland villages like Espelette, Sara or Ainhoa are really worthy).

D. Your Leisure Experience. Please, tell us what do you want. We can organize special experiences only for you in San Sebastian: either cultural, recreational, local Basque sports, craftsmen or fashion shopping...  (if you prefer to get ideas back to previous page). This experience can be combined with any of the above tours.

And remember, if have a cruise stop in San Sebastian or Pasaia and you want to enjoy more your stay:

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