Private Tours Fees inside Bilbao, San Sebastian, Vitoria and other Basque Cities

All fees are per tour, not per person. All tours are private for you and your party only.  Tours in the city (*)

Tour inside the cities of Bilbao, San Sebastian or Vitoria 4 hours Tour (half day) 6 hours Tour 8 hours Tour (full day)
Walking / Subway / Tram Tours / Taxi Tours 390 EUR 490 EUR 590 EUR
Combined Tours (upto 6 people) 790 EUR 890 EUR 990 EUR
Chauffeured Tours (upto 6 people) 950 EUR 1025 EUR 1290 EUR
Cruise Terminal / Airport Tours (upto 6 people) 1090 EUR 1190 EUR 1490 EUR

(*) Types of City Tours:  

* Walking / Subway / Tram / Taxi Tours. The tour is fully walking. We may use local transports (taxi, subway, bus or tramway tickets are not included).  
* Combined Tours. The tour will be designed to use the vehicle half of the tour lenght (2 or 4 hours). The rest of the time the car will not be with us.   
* Chauffeured Tours. The value includes the service of a private luxury car / vehicle with a driver available during the full time of our tour. It does not mean that we will be always on the car, but the car will be available for us to make the journey easier.   
* Cruise Terminal / Airport Tours. The value includes the servide of a private vehicle with a driver available during the full time of our tour for a capacity of upto 6 persons (for bigger groups, please contact me by this Contact Form).    

These fees include:
+ 21% VAT tax in all values given.

+ My services as your private & exclusive luxury tour guide.
These fees do not include:
- Entries to monuments, museums, wineries, etc.
- Food (lunch, pintxos, etc.) and drinks.
- Tips and gratuities.
- Taxi/subway rides are not included in
Walking / Subway / Tram / Taxi Tours.  
Ask for details through my Contact Form

Please, check also the fees for tours outside Bilbao, San Sebastian, Vitoria or smaller towns like Laguardia, Elciego or Getaria.

For more information, check the FAQs section and the Terms & Conditions.

For other places of start or end, or any special request, please feel free to contact me by this Contact Form or to my email