Surf these sites for useful information on the Basque Country and neighbourhoods:

Euskadi (Basque Country in Spain)
What to do in the Euskadi?

Álava & Vitoria-Gasteiz tourist information
Vitoria-Gasteiz Tourist Board
Alava Tourist Board (Spanish)
Rioja Alavesa (Spanish)

Navarre & Pamplona tourist information
What to do in Navarre (Spanish)?

French Basque Country (Pays Basque in France)
What to do in Pays Basque? 

La Rioja
What to do in La Rioja (Spanish)?

Burgos (Castille)
What to do in Burgos (Spanish)?

Other places to learn about the Basque Country around the world:
Blog About Basque Country
Buber's Basque Page

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