Jewish Heritage Basque Private Tour with Aitor Delgado

The Basque Country, as part of several kingdoms (Navarre, Castilla or France) related in very different ways with the Jewish community.

Discover with your local tour guide, the key parts of the Jewish Basque history, its past, present and the future.

The past in the city of Vitoria, a town where Jews and Christians lived in peace and harmony and that respected a Jewish Cemetery for more than 500 years.

Old Jewish Cemetery Judimendi Basque Country
Old Jewish Cemetery Monument in Vitoria
Or the cities of Pamplona or Tudela, birthplace of the famous writer and traveler Benjamin of Tudela.

Bayonne Synagogue inside 

The present in the city of Bayonne and its working Synagogue and the heritage of the chocolate making.

And the future in the city of Bilbao with the Guggenheim Museum made by Frank Gehry (who used his Hebrew name "Ephraim" for his bar mitzvah).

Guggenheim Museum Jewish Bilbao tour
Bilbao Guggenheim Museum by Frank Gehry Jewish descendant

Depending on your availability and where are you sleeping your private tour will be tailored and we can see and focus on different aspects of the Basque Jewish history like these:

Discover it with your local Basque tour guide. Contact me for details here: also in mobile no.: +1 (917) 267 7569

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Photo credit: Bayonne Synagogue by FLLL, via Wikimedia Commons