What to do in the Basque Country – Agenda April 2021

Things to do in Bilbao, Rioja, San Sebastian, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Biarritz, Bayonne, Guernica, Getaria…Our selection of best art, sport & cultural events in the Basque Country (Spain & France) during April 2021.

Please note that some of the events below may change due to temporary regulations taken to control Covid-19 on the time of the event.

Ortuella. Agricultural and livestock fair.
XVI Exhibition and sale of farmhouse products.

Regarding traditions and festivities in Basque region:

  • In Astigarraga. Season of the Basque Cider. The main area in the Basque Country is in Astigarraga (near San Sebastián). There are some 51 Basque cider houses in Guipúzcoa, 10 in Vizcaya and 2 in Alava. The cider season begins on January 15th and runs until May 24th.
  • In Ordizia. Agricultural Fair. Farm products fair. Every Wednesday.
  • In Hondarribia. Agricultural Fair. Sale of local products, Wednesdays at Damarri Plaza and Saturdays at the Port.
  • In Mungia. Peasant Market. Exhibition and sale of farm products. Every Friday.
  • In Bilbao. Gure Lurreko Merkatuak. Market of products of the hamlets of Bizkaia, made in a traditional way by their farmers, with Basque varieties and native breeds. Slow food, natural and local foods. Tinglados del Arenal. Every Saturday.
  • In Tolosa. Agricultural Fair. Farm products fair. Every Saturday.
  • In Irun. Agricultural Fair. Vegetable Fair. Every Saturday.
  • In Bilbao. Flower and plant market. Flowers and plants grown and collected directly by local producers. A melting pot of colors and smells. Tinglados del Arenal. Every Sunday.
  • In San Sebastian. Spring FairExhibition and sale of crafts. From March 27th until April 4th.
  • Easter is celebrated all over the Basque Country from March 28th until April 4th this year, and these are the best places to see something different in your visit: Segura (Gipuzkoa) and Balmaseda (1st and 2nd). These have famous living performance by locals representing the last days of Jesus Christ life from the 1600s. Cancelled.
  • In Bilbao. Basque Fest. Exhibitions of art, dance and street theater, children's entertainment, craft fairs, concerts, samples of Basque design and traditional sports exhibitions. From March 28th until April 1st. Cancelled.
  • In Bilbao. IX Spring Handicraft Fair. Exhibition and sale of crafts and agrofood. Paseo del Arenal. April 1st until 11th.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. The Napoleonic Market. It gathers, during a whole weekend, more than 140 stalls of gastronomy and local products. In addition there are activities, performances, theaters, parades, recreations and characters from the time of the French occupation for all audiences. Arriaga Park. From April 2nd until 4th.
  • In Llodio. Cattle market. Exhibition and sale of products. Sample of cattle, sheep, horses and goats. Stone drag by oxen. April 3rd. Cancelled
  • In Gorliz. IV Fair of Flowers and Plants. Exhibition and sale of flowers and plants. April 4th.
  • In Tolosa. Ardo zuri Txokoa. IV edition. Tasting of different white wines. April 4th. Cancelled.
  • In Mutriku. XXV edition Verdel day. Popular tasting of greenfish. April 4th. Cancelled.
  • In Larrabetzu. Txorierri Txakoli Wine Day. Tasting of txakoli from Txorierri. April 4th. Cancelled.
  • In Tolosa. Karacol Saltsa. Snail tasting. April 4th.
  • In Ordizia. Shepherd’s Day. Exhibition and sale of rams. Tasting of lamb. Presentation of the new Idiazabal Cheese campaign. Artisan products from Goierri. April 7th.
  • In Bilbao. Basque Fest Gourmet. Exhibition space of tourist regions of Euskadi with information about its destinations and its enogastronomic attractions, free express tastings, workshops and activities. From April 9th until 11th. Cancelled.
  • In Bayonne. Ham Fair. For Bayonne, the ham fair is a highlight, convivial, unmissable, the honor of a terroir and traditional craftsmanship. Quais of Nive. From April 9th until 12th. Postponed to October, 2021.
  • In Elciego. Market of the flower and the orchard. IX Exhibition and sale of: plants, vegetables, preserves, ornamentation, machinery for garden and vegetable garden. April 10th.
  • In Biarritz. Antiques fair. Antiques - Vintage - Contemporary art. Halle d'Iraty. From Abril 10th to 13th. Cancelled.
  • In Aia. Txakoli Wine Day. 20 producers of the Getaria Denomination of Origin from Aia, Getaria and Zarautz villages, will show their products on April 11th.
  • In Ortuella. Agricultural and livestock fair. XVI Exhibition and sale of farmhouse products. Exhibition of autochthonous and mixed breeds from the mining area. Campanian contest. April 18th.
  • In Garai. Plant and gardening fair. IX Fair of flowers, plants and gardening tools. April 18th.
  • Biarritz. Spring Market. Nearly 150 boutiques in Biarritz offer the largest brands at the best prices. Ready-to-wear, lingerie, shoes, fashion accessories, luggage, perfumes and beauty products, home decoration, table linen and home.... From April 24th until 26th. Cancelled.
  • In Zarautz. Zarautz Parrilan: Championship of grills of the Basque Country. The best grills will cook grilled meat and fish. Two juries, one professional and one popular. And many other activities: lectures, popular food, pintxos tasting.... At the Plaza Munoa. April from 24th until 26th. Cancelled.
  • In Errenteria. XXXII edition of Cider Day. Tasting of different ciders of the Basque Country. Demonstration of apple picking and old cider production. April 25th. Cancelled.
  • In Ujue, Navarre. Religious Pilgrimage which dates back to 1043 A.D. The pilgrimages to Ujué arises from the neighbors of Tafalla to thank the Virgin for her victory in the battle against the King of Aragon. April 25th. Cancelled
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. Feast of San Prudencio and Our Lady of Estíbaliz.. From April 27th until May 1st.

Bilbao and the Painting. 
Bilbao Guggenheim Museum.
From January 1st until August 28th.

Regarding arts and exhibits in Basque region:

  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. "Windows to the Basque art collection" between the years 1850-1950. Artists who introduced the new artistic languages -impressionism, symbolism or Fauvism- in the Basque Country, after passing through Paris and other European capitals. Museum of Fine Arts of Álava. From January 17th, 2020 until September 26th.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. Exhibition of the Bilbao painter Fernando García Alegría (1895 - 1952). 2020 marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of “Fernando”. Museum of Fine Arts of Álava. Until May 25th.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. "Ignacio Figueroa, Marquis of Villamejor". A portrait by Joaquín Bárbara y Balza: life and work of an artista recovered [1867–1931]. Museum of Fine Arts of Álava. From September 25th, 2020 until September 12th.
  • In Bilbao. Bilbao and the Painting. A perspective of painting in Bilbao on the 19th Century when Bilbao was one of the most important cities in Spain through a set of artist which incorporated French Impressionism and other avant-garde art currents. Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. From January 1st until August 28th.
  • In Tolosa. Men, Women & Puppets. The exhibition brings together 75 puppets of different techniques belonging to some of the most illustrious fathers, mothers, innovators, and some of the 7000 puppeteers members of the International Puppet Union (UNIMA). From January 20th until May 30th.
  • In San Sebastian. Seeing Auschwitz. After presenting the award-winning “Auschwitz. Not a long time ago. Not far” produced together with the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and Memorial, the San Sebastian company “Musealia” returns to the concentration camp with a new exhibition: Seeing Auschwitz. The exhibition challenges us to observe with a critical eye the imagery related to Auschwitz, based on a relatively small number of photographs, mostly taken by the Nazi soldiers themselves, and explore details in those images that have gone unnoticed to us before. Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea From January 27th until July 3rd.
  • In Bilbao. Richard Artschwager. Exhibition co-organized by the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and MART - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto. From February 28th until May 10th.In Vitoria-Gasteiz. Juncal Ballestín. Life as an exercise. A selection of best pieces of Juncal Ballestin. Ballestín's work is characterized by the plurality of materials, media and techniques used: painting, drawing, installation, video, graphic work... all of them structured in series such as the one entitled Painting. Apology, 1975-2013. Artium Museum. From January 29th until May 16th.
  • In San Sebastian. Exhibition: Paul Caballero Barturen. He studied Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country and after finishing his studies, he moved to Madrid where he specialized in illustration and animation. Aiete Cultural Center. From January 27th until May 9th.
  • In Bilbao. Olafur Eliasson: In real life. Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson places the viewer's experience at the core of his art. Guggenheim Museum. From February 14th until April 11th, 2021.
  • In San Sebastian. "Black Light" exhibition on Margaret Watkins (Ontario 1884-Glasgow 1969) Canadian photographer who is remembered for her innovative publicity photography. It compiles 144 photographs of the author taken between 1919 and 1938. Tabakalera. From March 5th until May 30th.
  • In Bilbao. Exhibition of movable industrial material considered Cultural Heritage. 2,000 pieces: old motorcycles, fire trucks, linotypes and printing material, remains of the mining industry and its auxiliary sector, anchors, a port crane, motors, hydraulic presses, models…. Konsoni Factory - Konsoni Lantegia. From March 5th until January 7th, 2022.
Playing cards women producers: A living memory.
Fournier Playing Card Museum. Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. Playing cards women producers: A living memory. The work carried out by these women stands out. Museo Fournier de Naipes de Álava. From March 24th until January 31st, 2022.
  • In Azpeitia. Travel on the steam train. The Basque Railway Museum presents one of the best railway collections in Europe, with locomotives of all kinds, wagons, clocks as well as perfectly restored and in-use historical electrical installations. From March 31th until November 1st.
  • In Durango. TopaKlown 2020 clown meeting. Centro Cultural San Agustín. From April 1st to 4th.
  • In Bilbao. Family theater from 6 years old, music and dances. Organized by the Bilbao City Council. Campos Elíseos Theater. From April 1st until 7th.
  • In Bilbao. Love and Humor: Ylenia Baglietto and Lander Otaola present a scathing, ironic, funny and deeply moving show. Two actors and a pianist. Live music. Social criticism. Present. Each role will be different. Much humor. Lots of love. Euskalduna Palace - Room 0B. From April 2nd until 4th.
  • In San Sebastian. COMIK-D. International comic and manga show with exhibitions and spaces for conversation. Card championships, board games, surprises.... Kursaal Congress Center. From April 3rd to 5th. Cancelled
  • In Getaria. Fashion and Heritage: Cristobal. It puts the focus on Cristóbal Balenciaga himself and the imprint he has left behind as a person through various objects that belonged to him and that have been collected in the Museum's collections. Part of the annual program for the 125th anniversary of his birth. Cristobal Balenciaga Museum. Until April 5th.
  • In Bilbao. Exhibition: "Otl Aicher. Metro Bilbao. Architecture and landscape". First major international retrospective dedicated to the German graphic designer Otl Aicher, with more than two hundred works and objects from the Archive of the Ulm School of Design in Germany. 80 unpublished drawings of his project for  Bilbao stand out. Bilbao Fine Arts Museum. Until April 5th.
  • In VitoriaGasteiz. TEDxVitoriaGasteiz. Europe Conference Center. April 8th.
  • In Bilbao. Faces by John Cassavetes. Play adapted from the homonymous movie. "The most fascinating landscape in the world is the human face." John Ford. Arriaga Theater. From April 8th until 11th.
Basque Country Symphony Orchestra.
In Vitoria-Gasteiz and San Sebastian
  • In San Sebastian. Basque Country Symphony Orchestra. Buckner: Symphony nº5 [78 ′] or Symphony nº6 [56 ′]. Kursaal Palace. April 8th, 9th, 19th and 21st.
  • In San Sebastian. 'Mozart à 2 & Sinfonia'. Malandain Ballet Biarritz. Victoria Eugenia Theater. April 9th and 10th.
  • In Bilbao. Be quiet, you are more beautiful! The feminist comedy show: Jessika Rojano, Sil de Castro, La María Rosa and guest artists. Campos Elíseos Theater. April 10th.
  • In Bilbao. Concert by Xabi Bandini and Alberto Isaba. Acoustic concert. BBK room. April 10th.
  • In San Sebastian. ETS Concert: In Tol Sarmiento. Kursaal. April 10th.
  • In Bilbao. XLIII Unpacking Bilbao. Antiques, Retro, Vintage. Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC!). April 10th and 11th.
  • In Biarritz. Beautiful days of the Music Festival. Municipal Casino Theater. From Abril 10th to17th. Cancelled.
  • In Hernani. Shinrin-yoku: forest baths. Feel the fullness through art and nature. From the hand of the guide specialized in forest baths, Itziar Insausti de Yugen Green. Chillida Leku Museum. April 10th and 24th.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. Moyra Davey exhibition. First solo exhibition of the artist, whose work circulates between the fields of photography, cinema and writing. Artium Museum. Until April 11th.
  • In Güeñes. Merdedes de Miguel the art of dressing. The most representative pieces of each of the Mercedes de Miguel collections, which are presented in a surprising combination with the avant-garde building that houses the exhibition, with cascades of dresses that fall from the upper floor to the hall. Basque Design Center. Until April 11th.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. Principal's chamber cycle: Amaia Arrieta (soprano) + Carmen Hernández-Sonseca (piano). Jesús Guridi Conservatory of Music. April 11th.
  • In San Sebastian. Musical theater: 'La Diva'. Victoria Eugenia Theater. April 11th.
  • In Bilbao. Jamming on Tour: the show. Big time! Improvisation show with more than 6 years of success. Campos Elíseos Theater. April 11th.
  • In Bilbao. Frozen, the tribute. The origin of ice. An adventure for the whole family with all the songs from the two films. Campos Elíseos Theater. April 11th and June 5th.
  • In San Sebastian. Zinegoak: Short Films. International LGBTI Film Festival. Principal Theater. From April 12th until 14th.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. Pedro Paramo. The novel by the Mexican Juan Rulfo, the highest point of reference for magical realism, hits the stage with a version by Pau Miró, directed by Mario Gas and starring Vicky Peña and Pablo Derqui. Antzokia Principal Theater. April 13th.
  • In San Sebastian. The Drugs. Rock music. Victoria Eugenia Theater. April 13th.
  • In San Sebastian. Conference, A bicentennial: remembering José María Iparraguirre (1820-1881). José María Iparraguirre was the Basque poet and musician who best knew how to echo the Basque society of his time. He is the singer of Fuerismo and the author of the Gernikako Arbola, as well as other hugely popular Zortzikos. Tabakalera. April 14th.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. Basque Country Symphony Orchestra. Buckner: Symphony nº5 [78 ′] or Symphony nº6 [56 ′]. Antzokia Principal Theater. April 14th and 20th.
In Bilbao. Mendiburu. Matter and memory.
Museum of Fine Arts.
  • In Bilbao. Mendiburu. Matter and memory. More than a hundred pieces including sculptures and works on paper. Museum of Fine Arts. Room 32. From April 14th until September 5th.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. Jalgi! Voice Festival. Diverse, interdisciplinary and innovative proposals to broaden horizons and bring lyrical and classical music closer. From April 15th until June 13th.
  • In Bilbao. The National Dance Company. Director Joaquín De Luz. Very special program, made up of three very different pieces: "Remansos" by Nacho Duato Remansos, "Arriaga" by Joaquín De Luz and In Paradisum by Antonio Ruz. Arriaga Theater. April 16th and 17th.
  • In Bilbao. Van Gogh's Ear: A Whisper in the Storm. Euskalduna Palace - Auditorium. April 17th.
  • In Bilbao. Joaquín Pajarón: Too much. Monologue in which the comedian talks about everyday situations with which many people are reflected. Campos Elíseos Theater. April 17th.
  • In Hernani. The footprint of the plants. The artist Itziar Unzurrunzaga will give the workshop uniting art and science, and she allows us to discover the flowers, plants and shrubs that we have around us. We will learn about the Japanese gyotaku stamping technique. We will make prints of leaves, flowers and plants on paper using natural pigments. Chillida Leku Museum. April 17th.
  • In Izarra. Alava Doubles Bertsolari Championship 2021 (semi-final). Cultural Center. April 17th.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. Rocío Molina: Impulse. Back to one. Dancer with her own language grounded in the reinvented tradition of a flamenco that respects her essences and embraces the avant-garde. .Antzokia Main Theater. April 17th.
  • In Biarritz. 4th Beer Festival edition. More than 400 beers on 2500m². 1st professional and general public festival in Aquitaine entirely dedicated to beer. Halle d'Iraty. From April 17th to19th. Cancelled.
  • In Bilbao. Concert by Ana Curra + Seda. Artistically known as Ana Curra and Ana Pegamoide, she is a Spanish keyboardist, vocalist and composer. In the 1980s she was one of the leading singers and composers of the Madrid scene: Alaska y los Pegamoides, de Paraálisis Permanente and Los Seres Vacíos. BBK Sala. April 18th.
  • In Bilbao. Tales and Songs (2004 - 2021). Concert by Iván Ferreiro. One of the most prolific and resourceful artists known to indie pop-rock culture. Arriaga Theater. April 18th.
  • In San Sebastian. Conference, The game in art. From chess to cards and other games of chance. Cleverly calculated strategies or cunning traps of thugs and gamblers. Speaker: Carmen Alonso Pimentel. Tabakalera. April 20th.
  • In Bilbao. Cuban nostalgia. Saxophonist, teacher, composer and arranger Ariel Bringuez performs an elegant selection of great songs from his homeland, Cuba. Concert in collaboration between Teatro Arriaga - Bilbaína Jazz Club. Arriaga Theater. April 20th.
  • In Bilbao. J. S. Elkano. Behind the footprint. He delves into the biography of Juan Sebastian Elkano (1487 / 88-1526), and allows him to follow his vital mark, before, during and after the first circumnavigation of the Earth. Maritime Museum. Until April 21st.
  • In San Sebastian. Concerts by Ainhoa Arteta. Kursaal. Hours: 5 pm and 7 pm. April 22nd.
  • In Bilbao. Zarzuela On Air 2.0. Choir Rossini. Fun musical-theatrical show that reviews the best moments of the Zarzuela. Arriaga Theater. April 22nd.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. Préludes. Alfonso Gómez, Ramón Lazkano and Ensemble Cairn. Piano and guitar concert. Antzokia Principal Theater. April 23rd.
  • In Bilbao. The same shit for the last time, according to David Suárez. The most famous black humor show in Spain. Campos Elíseos Theater. April 23rd.
  • In Bilbao. "Beginners". Theatrical adaptation of one of Raymond Carver's best-known stories from 1981. Arriaga Theater. April 23rd, 24th and 25th.
  • In San Sebastian. XVIII Human Rights Film Festival. Victoria Eugenia Theater. From April 23rd until 30th.
  • In Bilbao. The plan with Rubén García. The plan is to blow up the system with humor, comedy and lots of laughs. Campos Elíseos Theater. April 24th.
  • In Bilbao. Mocedades: 50th anniversary. Review of its entire musical history with more than 300 songs and thirty albums on the market. Campos Elíseos Theater. April 24th.
  • In Bilbao. Concert by Natalia Lacunza. She participated in Operación Triunfo TV Show in 2018. Electroacoustic concert. BBK Sala. April 24th.
  • In Saint Jean de Luz. FestiOrgues: Easter concert. Leioa Kantika Korala. Coral. Church of St. John the Baptist. April 25th.
  • In Bilbao. Taburete, fourth album: "The Infinite Joke". Euskalduna Palace - Auditorium. April 25th.
  • In Bilbao. Cornette Trio. Bilbaina Jazz Club. Three musicians from the Madrid jazz scene. Campos Elíseos Theater. April 25th.
  • In Bilbao. The guard: The mythical band of the '80s. One of the most important formations in the history of rock in Spain. Campos Elíseos Theater. April 25th.
  • In San Sebastian. Tales and Songs is an intimate and messy journey through Iván Ferreiro's musical career. Kursaal. April 25th.
  • In San Sebastian. The Orfeón sings Fauré and Rutter. Fourth concert of the I Cycle of classical concerts organized by the Orfeón Donostiarra. Kursaal. April 26th.
  • In San Sebastian. Taburete, fourth album: "The Infinite Joke". Kursaal. April 27th.
  • In Bilbao. Expovacaciones (fair). Raffles, exhibitions, tastings and activities related to the promotion of the tourism sector will be held. Bilbao Exhibition Center. April 24th to 26th. New agenda from October 1st to 3rd.
  • In Gernika-Lumo. Ernest Hemingway and Euskal Herria Exhibition. Hemingway's photographic exhibition in the Irati jungle. There he was able to enjoy one of his greatest passions: fishing. History Museum. From April 27th until 30th.
  • In Bayonne. Exhibition: Un autel pour Eugenia. Basque Museum of Bayonne. Until April 30th.
  • In Bilbao. Anni B Sweet concert. New album, her fourth album and the first in Spanish, entitled “Universo por premiere”. Sala BBK. April 30th.
  • In Bilbao. Solitaire. Story of a writer who tells us about her experiences riding between fiction and reality. Campos Elíseos Theater. April 30th and May 1st.
Fifth edition of the Caravantur fair
Ficoba Center. From April 30th until May 2nd.
  • In Irun. Fifth edition of the Caravantur fair, with the exhibition, sale and rental of motorhomes *, camper vans, and caravan accessories. Ficoba Center. From April 30th until May 2nd.
  • In Bilbao. The ham dilemma. A comedy about lactose intolerance… and others. On fatherhood, loneliness and intolerance with Gurutze Beitia and Txemi Parra. Euskalduna Palace - Sala 0B. From April 30th until May 9th.
  • In Bilbao. Womanology. José Ramón Prieto Collection. Contemporary art made up exclusively of female artists, most of them belonging to the same generation. Museum of Fine Arts. From April 30th until September 5th.
  • In Getaria. Exhibition “Alaïa & Balenciaga. Sculptors of the form”. More than 100 works by both creators - Azzedine Alaïa (1935-2017) and Cristóbal Balenciaga (1895-1972) - belonging to the collections of the Azzedine Alaïa Foundation in Paris. Tenth anniversary of the Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum. From April 30th until October 31st.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz. June Crespo exhibition: helmets. In her pieces, Crespo works from sculpture with a language that refers to the body and its relationships with architecture. Artium Museum. Until May 2nd.
  • In Bilbao. Kandinsky at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Paintings and works on paper and trace the aesthetic evolution of Kadinsky throughout his career. Today, the Guggenheim holds more than 150 pieces by Vasily Kandinsky. Until May 23th.
  • In San Sebastian. Matinée. Small format concerts. Euskadiko Orkestra Sinfonikoa. Miramon. Until June 12th. https://es.euskadikoorkestra.eus/
  • In Hernani. Leges Naturae. Discovering the influence of nature in the work of the Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida. Chillidaleku. Until June 10th.
  • In Bilbao. Agustín Ibarrola exhibition, Naturalki. Tribute to his 90th birthday. The exhibition focuses on the fundamental relationship established between art and nature in the author's work. Rekalde Room. Until July 4th.
  • In Bilbao. Muntadas. The empty city. An audiovisual piece commissioned by the museum, in which the Catalan artist invites us to look at the city from a different point of view. Showing Bilbao, its current urban planning and its historical context, are the starting point for a broader investigation of public space and architecture. Until September 5th.
  • In Bilbao. Zura eta Ura. Photo exhibition that invites to think about the loss of identity in the fishermen ports after the progressive substitution of wooden boats by boats made of synthetic materials. Maritime Museum. Until September 26th.

60th edition Cycling Tour of the Basque Country.
From April 5th to 10

Regarding Basque sports: 

  • In San Sebastian. XX Half marathon of San Sebastian: 21,097 km. Paseo de la Zurriola. From April 10th until 18th. It will be virtual in April, and in person on October 3rd.
  • In Amurrio / Bilbao / Eibar / Errenteria / Sestao / Vitoria-Gasteiz. Itzulia Basque Country - 60th edition Cycling Tour of the Basque Country. It will start in Bilbao and end in Arrate, Eibar. From April 5th to 10th.
  • In Azkoitia and Azpeitia. Half Marathon. Each year more than 1,000 runners participate in the half marathon. April 11th.

And remember, if you are thinking to come to Bilbao, San Sebastian, Rioja, Vitoria, Pamplona or anywhere else in the Basque Country, you can get a better understanding on our culture and traditions with a local guide.

Enjoy the Basque Country!

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